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Easy Needs to Meet

If you read our last post then you know that we have lost our regular coverage for the 4th Sunday of the month. Luckily we have gotten generous offers to prepare and serve the hot meal over the next few months.

That leaves us with one immediate need for October and November - items for "To Go bags." "To Go bags" are important because we want the people in our community to know that we care for them beyond the short time we see them once a week. We want them to have portable, long-lasting, nutrient-rich food available on days when it is not easy to find the sustenance they need.

Luckily, this provides you, our amazing community of supporters, with a very easy way to contribute to Sunday Suppers. On Oct 28, Nov 25, Dec 23 and Dec 30, we need:

  • 120 hardboiled eggs (Cost: Less than $30 for 60 people)
  • 60 mandarin oranges (Cost: Less than $30 for 60 people)
  • 60 protein bars (Easy to send directly to us now at this link: http://a.co/hTf0cbW)
  • 120 sandwiches (individually bagged with 1 slice of meat and 1 slice of cheese per sandwich)

Eggs and sandwiches can be dropped off directly at Franklin Square at 6pm on the specified dates. Or if you need to coordinate a different time, we can definitely work to figure something out. Oranges and protein bars can be sent or dropped off at various locations at various times.

We also welcome special donations that make "To Go bags" an extra treat. In the mood for holiday baking? Donate 60 individually wrapped cookies. Avoiding food? We get lots of requests for travel-sized toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner and deodorant.

If everyone in this community contributed one part of the "To Go bags," we would be covered for 3 years of Sundays. But as easy as that sounds, it requires everyone in this community to contribute and that is not so easy unless every single one of us volunteers. Won't you please be a part of this special effort?

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