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Sad News and An Opportunity

As we enter into the busy Fall months, we want to share our latest news and ask for your help in setting up a strong finish for 2018.

First, some sad news. For 12 years, Joyce Giuliani and her husband have worked with others in their church community to serve a meal every 4th Sunday of the month. Now they are finding that they are away many weekends, visiting their children and grandchildren. So Joyce and her husband have decided to give up their leadership of Sunday Suppers. Joyce wrote, "I am very sorry to leave filling this gap in your hands.  We have enjoyed the friendships we’ve made since 2006 and will forever hold this ministry in our hearts and prayers."

We are so grateful to Joyce, her friends and her family for everything they have done for Sunday Suppers! We are super sorry to see her go. But we understand, of course. If you or a group you are a part of are willing to take on serving supper every 4th Sunday or every other 4th Sunday, we will need help starting October 28th. We will provide all the training and on-boarding; we need someone or some organization that will plan, cook and serve the meals as well as pick up and return the van each Sunday.

With Joyce's departure, these are our needs for the rest of the year:

  • Sept 30th - 5th Sunday - We need everything: the meal, the drinks, sandwiches and eggs for 60 people.
  • Oct 28th - 4th Sunday - We need everything. We estimate there will be 60 people.
  • Nov 25th - 4th Sunday - We need everything. We estimate there will be 45 people.
  • Dec 23rd - 4th Sunday - We need everything. We estimate there will be 30 people.
  • Dec 30th - 5th Sunday - We need everything. We estimate there will be 30 people.

We also need someone who is willing to pick up and return the van on each of these Sundays. It is parked very close by, and we are happy to walk you through how to do it. If you are available to help, please let us know.

We know that Fall will bring busy times. Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas will start to fill our calendars. So let's prioritize this service and put it on our calendars now. And together we can turn the loss of Joyce and her team into an opportunity to grow the Sunday Suppers family.

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