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New Ways to Think About Our Work

I wanted to share my gratitude and give you some new food for thought.

I emailed our listserv less than three weeks ago with tons of open spaces for Sunday Suppers. The summer was looking like it was going to be challenging. At times like these I can start to worry that Sunday Suppers isn't going to make it. 

However, in the last three weeks, we have gotten emails to cover every Sunday hot meal until October. There are a few gaps here and there for drinks and To Go bags (and I encourage you to see if there is a tiny gap that you can fill). But this is how the calendar on our website looks now:

It is amazing to see how small individual efforts can come together to make one beautiful whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. Though of course it is just small acts by a few people, it feels a miracle. Every time I get an email from someone reaching out to volunteer, it is a glimpse of the inherent goodness of people that is bigger and beyond our daily drudgeries. Witnessing it might be the closest I ever come to seeing the face of God.

I write all that to say thank you. But also to say that if you haven't arranged to participate in Sunday Suppers this summer, I encourage you to think about it. It is a gift to our neighbors in DC who are so often ignored and ostracized on a daily basis. But it is even more of a gift to yourself - a chance to witness the goodness in the universe and experience the grace of people coming together to create something bigger than themselves.

At this time, we are looking for a different kind of support. In order to avoid one person becoming overwhelmed and burnt out, it would be wonderful to have a volunteer pick up and drive the van for a Sunday. Van driver is the role we have the most difficulty filling. But it is actually quite easy. The van is very close to where we serve. You can drive it and leave your car or reach it by metro. We would provide detailed directions and a lot of support. All you need to do is show up from 5:30 to 8pm on a given Sunday.

We are also looking for a group or organization that might be willing to make a more ongoing commitment to serve the hot meal once a month or once every two months starting in the Fall. If you have any tips or suggestions on how to make that happen, please email us. And definitely spread the word about the amazing opportunity Sunday Suppers presents for giving to neighbors in need!

Thank you so much again for everything this community has done and is going to do in the coming summer weeks. You all are my personal miracle and a blessing for so many.

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