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Board of Directors elects Rebecca Richards as new Executive Director 

At their spring 2011 meeting, the Sunday Suppers Board of Directors adopted formal by-laws and instituted term limits on all board positions. In addition, the Board voted on a new Executive Director: Rebecca Richards. Becky has been a key volunteer for Sunday Suppers for over three years and has a lot of experience and a long-standing interest in working with the homeless and on issues related to homelessness. Outgoing Executive Director Phillip Starling stated: "I am thrilled to be handing over these responsibilities to someone as dedicated, responsible and capable as Rebecca." Becky will take over the positions of Director of Operations and Executive Director effective July 1, 2011. Phill Starling will continue to be involved in Sunday Suppers as the Treasurer and a key volunteer.


Homeless man in D.C. uses Facebook, social media to advocate for others like him

This story is about our friend Eric Sheptock, who is an advocate for the homeless here in D.C. Read the story and watch a short video on him at washingtonpost.com. He has also been covered by Great Britain's BBC network. You can also read an article he's written on change.org. His blog is located at ericsheptock.com.


City passes bill on homeless residency requirement 

Last month, the DC City Council passed a measure that would require homeless people, beginning in March 2011, to provide proof that they have recently been a resident of the city. Here's a brief summary from examiner.com and has generated some heated debate. Read what the blog for the Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless says about it.


Sunday Suppers Volunteer Named Allstate Give Back Day Hero 

Congratulations to Marquis Smith, who was named a HERO by Allstate Insurance Company for the various community service projects he coordinates. One of those projects is the participation in Sunday Suppers of a group of volunteers from the Howard University School of Education. Way to go, Marquis! Sunday Suppers is proud of you and of our partnership with Howard University. You can read all about it in this Washington Post article from January 14, and see more in these videos:     Video 1      Video 2


Sunday Suppers Board of Directors elects new members  

On December 9, 2009, the Sunday Suppers Board of Directors met and altered its composition. Congratulations to the new Board!    

Secretary - Tanya Primiani    

Co-Directors of Operations - Will Hawins & Phill Starling

Treasurer - Phill Starling*

Co-Directors of Outreach - Bethany Shaffer & Aaron Killian

Director of Fundraising - Charles deVilmorin

*also serving as Executive Director

Thanks to the key volunteers and Board members who participated in the meeting and especially to the outgoing members of the Board for their service, support and guidance over the years. This is an important step for the organization and I am delighted to be sharing the management of Sunday Suppers with these dedicated individuals. It's going to be a great 2010!