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When you are not busy serving food or clothes, take initiative to introduce yourself, shaking hands, to others, particularly people who are alone. Don't be afraid of being intrusive. If they don't want to hang out and socialize, they'll leave, as many do. If they are still hanging around after being served, it's because they want to socialize. Ask them questions about themselves. For some of them, we are the only people in their lives who care enough to ask them about themselves. For example, How long have they been coming to SS? How long have they been in DC? Where do they come from? Do they have family in this area? Where do they go from here, where are they staying tonight? What are conditions like there? What kind of work do they get during the day? How do they make ends meet? How do they like the music? How much of it do they know? Who are their favorites? What do they think of the Redskins, Wizards, etc.? You don't have to tell them anything. Let them share themselves with you. When it feels like the conversation has gone as far as it can, (which could be only a few sentences) thank them for the conversation and say you see someone else you want to talk to and move on to someone else.

If you feel compelled to give them some message, remember that actions speak louder than words. Your participation in the program and the way in which you invite them to share themselves with you will make powerful statements.

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